Generate light and space the stately way Gable-ended conservatories


Few conservatory styles can capture the grandeur of the Gable. Its stately presence is enhanced by the precision-engineering and intricate detailing that you can expect from Avesta.

hello With the Gable-ended conservatory, you will be impressed from every angle. Its windows extend up to the apex if the roof, creating stunning front elevations. The additional light this brings means you can enjoy a bright and airy environment and benefit from the feeling of space inside.

Choosing Avesta gives you peace of mind

  • A style to suit every home we can create bespoke conservatories to suit all tastes and budgets. Our range includes elegant Victorian styles; classic Edwardian; Gable-ended; Lean-to; P-shape and elaborate lantern and orangery designs
  • Finishing touches we make sure that your conservatory is finished to the highest standards.
  • Advanced glazing options whether you want Georgian bars, vertical sliding sash windows, stained or leaded glazing, we can create the look that's right for yo
  • Co-ordinated colours giving you ultimate scope to create the conservatory of your choice. Contemporary or traditional. Plus you can also choose a woodgrain exterior with a clean white interior for the best of both worlds
  • Design engineered with minimum reliance on sealant with some conservatories, large amounts of silicone sealants are needed to ensure water-tightness. This can be ineffective and unsightly. Because the Eurocell system is one of the most advanced conservatory roof systems currently available, reliance on on-site sealants is minimised. The result is a design-engineered conservatory with life-long, watertight performance
  • Excellent thermal efficiency our conservatories feature a high-insulating roofing system that ensure maximum heat retention and light diffusion. This means you can enjoy your new space all year round
  • Unrivalled product range, expertise and service network we operate the largest network of local partners in the UK which means you get a local and reliable assured service
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