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Enjoy your conservatory all year round with a tiled conservatory roof from Equinox. With a tiled roof, you can use your conservatory whatever the weather – because it won't become too hot in summer or too cold in winter. Thanks to the new Equinox system, you can turn your extra space into an integral part of your house, while still enjoying the added light a conservatory provides.

Why Choose A Tiled Roof Conservatory? When you choose a conservatory with tiled roof, you will transform an underused space into a cosy extension to your home. It's an easy way to revitalise tired conservatories, specifically designed as a hassle free way for you to change your conservatory roof to a tiled roof. It’s the perfect alternative to rebuilding your extension.

Choosing Avesta gives you peace of mind

  • No compromise on natural light – all Equinox roofs can be fitted with roof lights to maintain the bright and airy feel of traditional glazed conservatory roofs.
  • Save on expensive replacement extension build costs – the Equinox system has been designed to fit simply and easily onto existing conservatories.
  • The advanced, fully insulated system means you don’t have to constantly heat your conservatory – saving on heating bills.
  • Effective weather protection – reduced glare from the sun or noise from the rain.
  • Equinox roof tiling is suitable for installation on new conservatories as well as existing ones.
  • Design engineered with minimum reliance on sealant – with some conservatories, large amounts of silicone sealants are needed to ensure water-tightness. This can be ineffective and unsightly. Because the Eurocell system is one of the most advanced conservatory roof systems currently available, reliance on on-site sealants is minimised. The result is a design-engineered conservatory with life-long, watertight performance
  • Excellent thermal efficiency – our conservatories feature a high-insulating roofing system that ensure maximum heat retention and light diffusion. This means you can enjoy your new space all year round
  • Unrivalled product range, expertise and service network – we operate the largest network of local partners in the UK which means you get a local and reliable assured service
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